Glistening Treasures: Consigning Fine Jewelry & Accessories

Glistening Treasures: Consigning Fine Jewelry & Accessories

In the world of luxury resale, clothing and handbags often take the spotlight. But did you know that you can also consign fine jewelry and accessories? At Kit's, we offer a treasure trove of options, from necklaces and rings to headbands and scarves. It's a win-win for both sellers and buyers.

For Sellers: Turn Forgotten Gems into Cash

If you're like many people, you have jewelry pieces tucked away that rarely see the light of day. Whether it's a necklace that no longer suits your style or earrings you've outgrown, consigning them allows you to declutter and make some money in the process. Plus, you'll find comfort in knowing that your jewelry is finding a new home where it will be cherished and worn.

For Buyers: Discover Timeless Value

Fine jewelry is a category in women's fashion where value isn't subjective. The price of diamonds, the allure of gold – these are constants in the world of fashion. When you purchase consigned jewelry, you're making a sound investment. Unlike trends that come and go, these pieces hold their value over time.

Shine Bright with Some of the Fine Jewelry at Kit's:

  1. Di Modolo Icona Pearl & Diamond Cluster Ring

    • Retail: $925
    • Our Price: $300
  1. 14K Gold Garnet Crystal Tassel Drop Earrings

    • Retail: $1,490
    • Our Price: $450
  1. Diamond Star and 14k White Gold Delicate Earrings

    • Retail: $1,330
    • Our Price: $460

At Kit's, we believe that luxury should be accessible. Our selection of fine jewelry and accessories reflects this ethos. Explore our offerings and find the sparkle that speaks to you.

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