The union of fashion and sustainability has arrived!  

We are a premier high-end consignment boutique in Greenwood Village. At Kit's, we offer a curated selection of designer fashion brands, providing the ultimate treasure hunt for fashion enthusiasts. We focus on bringing in exquisite pieces that stand the test of time, from fabulous signature items to classic wardrobe staples.

At Kit's, we are dedicated to guiding clients on their fashion journey, helping everyone discover the personal style that truly reflects their inner spark. Say goodbye to disposable, fast-fashion trends and embrace the enduring allure of quality and elegance at Kit's.

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About Kit

Six years ago, Kit and her family relocated from New York City to Denver. Missing the luxury consignment scene she was used to in NYC, Kit decided to take matters into her own hands and founded Kit's Consignment Boutique in May 2023.

As a former attorney specializing in international mergers and acquisitions, Kit was involved in LVMH's acquisitions of brands like Christian Dior, Fendi, Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, Loewe, Loro Piana, and Bulgari, giving her valuable insights into the dynamic nature of the fashion industry.

Kit's boutique truly reflects Kit herself, blending a high-end, signature piece flair with a meticulously designed boutique atmosphere, infused with a touch of New York Fashion Week.