Frequently Asked Questions


Do you accept walk-ins?

Not at this time. Please book an appointment prior to coming in!

How do I book an appointment?

Under the "Consignment Info" tab in the navigation bar, then click "Book Appointment."

Or give us a call!

What will you accept?

We look for pieces that are:

  1. In Season
  2. Mint Condition (no stains or signs of wear)
  3. Originally Retailed for Over $200

Additionally, we have a list of Preferred Brands under our "Consignment Info" tab.

What is the split?



I didn't get my consignment receipt email?

Check your spam folder first! If it's been over 2 business days since your consignment appointment and you still haven't received it, give us a call. We'll gladly resend it.

When is my consignment period end date?

Our consignment cycles end on Wednesdays, usually 6 weeks from the drop-off day. For precise dates, feel free to ask!

Can I bring in more pieces?

Of course!

We recommend bringing in all of your seasonal pieces in during the same week. Aligning your appointments ensures that your consignments are on the same 6-week cycle, reducing extra notifications.

I'm receiving a lot of pick up notifications, why?

Multiple consignment appointments can lead to different 6-week cycles for your items, resulting in multiple notifications.

Can I consolidate consignment cycles?

We can change all of your pieces to be on the same timeline, but keep in mind newer pieces will have a shorter sales cycle than the full 6 weeks.


I just got a 6-week touching base email - What does that mean?

This is just a 6-week touch base email to send a friendly remind about your consignment with us.

It is not a pick-up notice! Only phone calls indicate the need for retrieval.

I received a pick-up call, now what?

You have one week from the date of your first pick-up call to retrieve your pieces.

If they are not picked up by that date, and we haven't heard anything from you in that time period, we will have to deal with your pieces on your behalf, which may include donation.

I won’t be able to make it in before my pick-up deadline...

Contact us! Communication is very important! As long as we hear from you, we're happy to extend the deadline to accommodate your schedule.

If you do not show up by your pick-up deadline and we have not heard from you, we will consider your pieces abandoned.

I don’t want to renew, what do I do? 

If your 6-week consignment cycle has come to an end but you do not receive a call for pick-up, this means we want to renew for another 6 weeks.

If you do not want to renew and would like to cancel your consignment cycle moving forward, please call us! We ask that you give us at least one business day's notice so that we can prepare your items for pick-up, at your convenience.

How do I get my commission payout?

Please contact us. Call us at 303-955-0799 or send us an email at

Checks will be mailed out.

Prefer to donate pieces at the end of 6-weeks?

Give us a call or shoot us an email. We're happy to deal with your pieces on your behalf.


Vendor portal significance?

This is your one stop shop for tracking your consignments! Monitor inventory, prices, sales, and commissions easily.

How do I access the vendor portal?, under "Consignor Portal" in the main menu.

Troubleshooting Portal Access

First, make sure you register for an account first! Click "register" under login, input your details, and you're set to login.

Please note: we have to manually link all vendor accounts. If your account says it isn't linked, please be patient, we will get to it! We promise! If it has been more than 2 business days since your account was created, then give us a call or shoot us an email.

If you're still having trouble, give us a call.

No Vendor Linked in Portal?

We have to manually link accounts so we can only complete account registration during business hours. Your account will link by our day end!

I'm missing pieces in my vendor portal...

If it’s been less than a week since your consignment appointment and you notice missing pieces, please call us ASAP.

If you were recently called to pick up: when we pull pieces, we archive them from our system! Don’t worry, they may be removed from your portal view, but they’re still visible/accessible on our side.


I have questions or concerns about pricing of my pieces...

Call or email within 48 hours! We're here to work with you to find a comfortable price, within reason. Our pricing is based on original retail value, discounted by 60-80% depending on condition and market value. We want you comfortable, but trust our pricing to match client expectations. If needed, we'll return the item.

How do you determine prices?

Thorough research! We find original retail prices and set ours at 60-80% off, factoring in condition and market value. Rest assured, we also want the highest sale price possible!

Can I get a higher split for my higher-end pieces?

All sales split 50/50, regardless of original price, as we're a Luxury Designer Consignment shop.