Unlocking Consignment Success: Your Guide to Partnering with Kit's

Unlocking Consignment Success: Your Guide to Partnering with Kit's

At Kit's Consignment, we're committed to curating a luxury collection that embodies elegance and style. Join us in this journey towards consignment success, where we endeavor to ensure your pieces find their new homes seamlessly.

Choosing Preferred Brands: Take advantage of our Preferred Brands section on our website, tailored to our luxury consignment standards. Ensure each piece meets our minimum price requirement of $200 or more before bringing them in for your appointment. Save time by aligning your selections with our standards.

Visual Appeal Matters: As we strive to maintain a boutique ambiance, we meticulously inspect each piece during appointments. Only items in impeccable condition without signs of wear, stains, tears, or pulls are accepted. Ensure all pieces are freshly washed, and if they still have tags, even better!

Seasonal Consignment: Stay informed about the seasons we are currently accepting by reaching out to our team. We curate our collections seasonally, ensuring we maintain the freshest and most relevant fashion for our clientele.

Inventory and Demand: Our inventory is curated to match demand and avoid overcrowding specific types of pieces. Connect with us before your appointment to ensure your items align with our current needs.

Trend Relevance: Pieces that resonate with current fashion trends have higher chances of selling. While vintage items hold value, they must align with modern styles to appeal to our clientele.

Trust Our Expertise: We value every piece you bring in, but sometimes, certain items might not align with our market. Our choices are never personal; they're rooted in our understanding of our clientele and market demands.

Pricing Expectations: We conduct thorough research to set fair prices. Trust our expertise in pricing, understanding that our goal is to secure the best value for both you and us. Our 50/50 split reflects our shared commitment to selling items at their best value.

Consigning with us is a partnership, and success is our shared goal. We strive to create an experience that respects your items while catering to our discerning clientele. Trust in our process, and together, let's curate a collection that embodies luxury and style.

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