Article - 303 Magazine - Kit’s Boutique Extends the Life of Luxury At Greenwood Village

Article - 303 Magazine - Kit’s Boutique Extends the Life of Luxury At Greenwood Village


By Isabella Moses

July 14, 2023

"Kit’s Boutique Extends the Life of Luxury At Greenwood Village

Located in Greenwood Village is Kit’s Boutique, a new high-end consignment boutique that is a treasure trove of women’s clothing and accessories. Kit’s Boutique’s mission is to advocate for sustainability by consigning second-hand items from luxury brands like Kate Spade, Alexander McQueen and Burberry.

They carry pieces that are in mint condition and sell them for 60-80% off retail both in-store and online.

Bringing High-End Style to the Mile High City

Kit Demko, the founder and owner of Kit’s Boutique, has always been an avid consignment shopper. Originally from New York, she found no shortage of consignment shops that carried luxury brands at more affordable prices. When she moved from New York to Denver, she noticed a hole in the Denver market for unique high-end consignment apparel.

“Kit’s Boutique came to fruition because I couldn’t find what I was looking for. Right after the holidays [in 2022], it dawned on me. Why don’t I create something here?” Demko said.

Kit’s Boutique wasn’t Demko’s first time working in the fashion industry. In her career as a mergers and acquisitions lawyer, she worked on the deals that helped to form LVMH, a major fashion house that acquired the likes of Christian Dior, Fendi and Givenchy. Her first-hand experience with major luxury brands led to her understanding of how the fashion world works.

By February of 2023, Demko began working on making her vision a reality. By May 1, she opened Kit’s Boutique doors to the public and put designer pieces in the hands of the Denver market.

Reframing Consignment Retail

When designing the layout of Kit’s Boutique, Demko wanted each item to be displayed like treasured pieces, rather than packed in excess clothing. The store maintains a distinctly boutique-style layout that makes every item visually accessible.

During a consignment appointment at the boutique, Demko and her team accept pre-owned items that are in mint condition, meaning there are virtually no imperfections. Their preferred brands list includes high-end contemporary brands as well as iconic haute couture designers.

“When people consign with us, they can be assured that we understand the value of what they’re bringing to us,” Demko said.

Along with consignment appointments, customers can browse the boutique’s curated selection of high-end pieces. The Kit’s Boutique team is dedicated to engaging with customers and helping them find what inspires them. Demko’s favorite part about operating the boutique is seeing the transformative power of fashion work in her clients’ lives.

“When I engage with the clients, it’s about discovering who they are,” Demko said. “After talking to them, our conversations reveal that their clothing choices impact them and reflect who they are.”

The Sip and Shop experience is one of the most exciting ways customers can engage with designer pieces. For what is essentially a fashion party, clients can gather a group of 10 or more friends to peruse the merchandise after-hours while sipping on wine or champagne.

Curating A Conscious Closet

In addition to the Sip and Shop, Kit’s Boutique offers a curated closet experience, in which clients invite a partner of the Kit’s Boutique team to go through their closet and identify which items are contenders for consignment or donation.

“We get a feel for what their aesthetic and lifestyle is, or what they’d like it to be,” Demko said. “And then we’ll have them try on some pieces and see what still works for them.”

The closet curation service isn’t just about determining what might work for consignment at Kit’s Boutique. Another purpose of it is to prevent wasting clothes rather than consigning or donating them. This coincides with one of Demko’s main missions with Kit’s Boutique.

“The environmental impact of fashion is really important to me,” Demko said.

According to McKinsey & Company, the average number of clothing pieces purchased per consumer between 2000 and 2014 increased by about 60%. Meanwhile, consumers kept their clothing items for about half as long. This disposable attitude about clothing is exactly what Demko hopes to prevent.

“It’s important to have something that speaks to you,” Demko said. “Otherwise, you have random t-shirts and sweaters you’re more likely to get rid of as fashion trends change.”

By combining luxury items with a more sustainable way to shop, Kit’s Boutique has resonated with the Denver community. After opening in May, Demko is already expanding the boutique space into the building next door. This renovation project will allow the boutique more room for its ever-growing inventory.

To follow along with all things Kit’s Boutique, check out their Instagram and website for updates on new products, events and business ventures.

All photos courtesy of Kit’s Boutique."


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