Article - Colorado Parent - Treat Everyday Like a Runway

Article - Colorado Parent - Treat Everyday Like a Runway


By Austria Cohn

June 7, 2023


"Treat Everyday Like a Runway

Our lives get busier and busier, from taking the kids to soccer practice to dropping them off at summer camp and swinging by the store to get all the groceries. More often than not, it can be hard to find time for yourself, especially during the summer months. Clothing, accessories, and the main bedroom closet tend to be the lowest on the priority list. 

Depending on the day-to-day activities, dressing up and putting on makeup might rarely happen. When it comes to date night, I don’t know if I’m more excited to get dressed up for dinner or not have to cook that night. Studies have shown that wearing clothes that you feel confident in can improve your mental health and productivity. If you’re struggling to get the day started or dread getting dressed for events because nothing is working, the new high-end consignment shop in Greenwood Village, Kit’s Boutique, is a perfect place to stop by and take time for yourself. 

Kit Demko owns the boutique, and her mission is to guide clients on their fashion journey by helping them discover their personal style that reflects their inner spark. Demko wants all of her clients to explore clothing they might not have ever considered before and find pieces that “make their hearts sing.”

“It’s that individualism that we’re trying to celebrate because I feel like it’s hard to be a woman; there’s a lot of judgment and insecurity about how you’re perceived,” Demko says. 

We all know designer clothes and accessories can easily go outside our budget, and it can be hard to reason why a $600 purse is worth the money. Yet, many of us still peek through the windows or walk down the aisles to admire those gorgeous purses. By shopping at a high-end consignment store, shoppers can still have unique and beautiful designer items without the guilt of spending too much money. 

According to Demko, the store sells items that are at least sixty percent off, allowing people to take a chance on an item they want to explore. 

The Fashion Mission

Shopping for clothing, especially if it’s in the small window between soccer drop-off and pick-up, can be frustrating. We’ve all been there before – shopping for clothes, finding our size, trying it on, and it does not work with our body shape. Kit’s Boutique helps clients discover brands that fit not only their style but also their body type so the shopping experience can be fun and exciting rather than infuriating. 

If you come into the store and find a designer that fits your body type, it doesn’t mean you have to buy it here, says Demko. It means you’ve discovered a designer that resonates with you. 

Curated Closet

Kit’s Boutique has an excellent and motivated team that can come to your home and help you decide what’s a “keeper” and what can be given away in the closet.

“There are certain treasures you don’t use anymore, and you can consign them. It’s a win-win because it’s just sitting there,” Demko says. “But then there’s also that concept that we can go into your closet, get to know you a little better, and see your vision of fashion.”

The team at Kit’s Boutique strives to personally get to know clients and help them on their fashion journey. The team will directly contact you if they find something that fits the style you are looking for or want to explore. 

“It’s interesting because you can get them out of their comfort zone,” Demko says. “In my opinion, every day you should be excited. That’s sort of the type of pieces that we’re really interested in consigning or pieces that just make you happy when you put it on.”

We all tend to hold on to pieces that we have some sort of relationship with, but it’s not something we will ever wear. Demko’s team pushes clients to ask questions like, ‘Why are you unsure about this item?’, ‘Is it because you spent good money and haven’t worn it?’ Diving into the core of how clothing items make you feel will help you further understand the style you’re looking for and why you’ve kept certain items you’ve never worn before. 

“I’ve always loved consignment. I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything full price and new. It’s just not my jam,” Demko says. “It, to me, is like a treasure hunt.”

Try something new this summer and explore that part of you that maybe you’ve never explored before.

Kit’s Boutique

5940 S. Holly St., Greenwood Village."

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